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Family owned Maxita Agency was founded in 1999. Since the start the agency has been presenting a genuine portfolio of premium brands for both women and men at the Scandinavian market. The company is united and driven by long term relationships and long term brand values. Maxita Agency HQ is situated at Magasin 36 in Höganäs, Sweden. View more

The starting point of Maxita Agency was in the retail scene. After a short glimpse in the world of denim the founders Marita and Max Nilsson opened their own multibrand store in which they provided some of the leading sportswear brands. Marita and Max then started to combine leisure wear with exclusive MTM. With the knowledge and contacts from the different segments behind the world of denim, sportswear labels and fine MTM the agency Maxita Agency began to be created. Year 2013 Andrea Nilsson established Maxita Woman and the agency started to take a more offensive direction into the women´s fashion. 


Bruksgatan 36
263 39 Höganäs, Sweden

Phone: +46 709 40 7107

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